MMDD is a supplier of high quality sand and rocks.  Sand and stones are the main ingredient for all construction. Clean, properly graded construction material is particularly valuable for infrastructure projects, where engineering requirements require high structural performance to meet precise customer standards. MMDD is authorized to sell the available products with legal papers and permits. Our sources are located in the Provinces of Zambales,  Bataan and Mindoro, where material can be transported by sea or land.

MMDD was established with the overall goal to help change mining as an industry in the Philippines.  The transition from a destructive industry into an industry based on resource utilization and area development is key to the long term growth of the country and the survival of us all.  Sustainable growth of a province is feasible and logical if an area has resources. With our unique ridge to reef development approach, we map out the different factors of the land, soil, rivers, and streams to make tailored development plans.  Resources are not limited to mineral, but also agriculture, tourism, culture, and the people. Almost every town in the country is situated on a river. During typhoon season, all of the rivers flood the towns because none of the rivers in the country have regular maintenance.

Being a highly mineralized country, the towns and rivers are literally being choked by their own resources. River dredging is not a destructive process but a beneficial one. Properly channeled rivers are key to irrigation, plant and aquatic life. If the estuaries are not clear where the rivers meet the ocean, fish loose their spawning areas. Thus, coastal fishing communities lose their livelihood. There is a balance. At MMDD we work to find it.

MMDD has established an enviable track as one of the region’s foremost project and construction management firms, with a strong reputation for delivering the most complex, challenging, and high quality projects. Our team provides a well-integrated portfolio of project management related services across the market sectors spectrum. We strive to embrace new materials and methods of construction. Our clients obtain benefits by drawing from our expertise and resources. MMDD is well placed to provide expertise and service include project and construction management, design management, cost and time management.